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ALICE is a United Way acronym that stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.

ALICE is your child care worker, your parent on Social Security, the cashier at your supermarket, the gas attendant, the salesperson at your big box store, your waitress, a home health aide, an office clerk. ALICE cannot always pay the bills, has little or nothing in savings, and is forced to make tough choices such as deciding between quality child care or paying the rent. One unexpected car repair or medical bill can push these financially strapped families over the edge.


ALICE is a hardworking member of the community who is employed yet does not earn enough to afford the basic necessities of life. ​

ALICE earns above the federal poverty level, but does not earn enough to afford a bare-bones household budget of housing, child care, food, transportation, and health care. The United Way ALICE Reports use new measures to provide a more accurate picture of financial insecurity at the state, county, and municipal level.

United Way of Florida ALICE Report

United Way of Florida ALICE Report 2018 Update

United Way of Florida ALICE Report 2018 by County

ALICE Toolkits

ALICE Toolkit - Employers

ALICE Toolkit - Individuals & Families

ALICE Toolkit - Local Government

ALICE: The Consequences of Insufficient Household Income

When families are ALICE, they often face difficult choices.

The Consequences Report provides an in-depth look at:

  • The trade-offs families are forced to make; and
  • The costs incurred by the wider community.

ALICE Consequences Report