Financial Stability

Lack of good credit, lack of affordable and transitional housing, and lack of job readiness are the three main issues the Financial Stability Vision Council focuses on. According to the American Community Survey (ACS), 27% of St. Lucie County residents are renters and 73% are home owners. The majority of renters make less than $49,999 annually (36.5% are spending between $1,000-$1,499 a month on housing costs). More than 29,000 residents between 18-64 years old are living below the poverty level (the highest percentage are ages 35-64 years old), 31.8% are Black/African-American and 14.6% are Caucasian-American. 


  • United Way of St. Lucie County is dedicated to increasing the above ALICE households from 53% to 55% and decreasing households in poverty from 15% to 13.5% by 2021.