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Kristen Hadeed: Learning to Lead November 15th


Kristen Hadeed didn’t start her company with an elaborate business plan or even a simple three-step strategy. She had no noble cause in mind. Her only business goal was to make enough money to buy a pair of jeans that she couldn’t afford. Her entrepreneurial approach to making some quick cash soon turned into a thriving business, but it took 75% of her workforce walking out at the same time to inspire her to pivot her focus to what truly mattered: Her people.

Kristen Hadeed challenges traditional approaches to leadership with a simple premise: What we do doesn’t matter; it’s how we make people feel that makes the difference. Funny, bold and brutally honest, Kristen shares her experience as an entrepreneur and the practical tools she’s developed to create a work environment where people thrive because they know their work matters—a place where everyone is a leader. What Kristen started as a way to help pay for those jeans soon became a company known for its industry-leading retention rate and its culture of trust, accountability and empowerment. She challenges her audience to reflect on the current culture and to be honest when discussing the things that need to change, leaving participants inspired to take action as soon as she leaves the stage.

The VIP ticket includes a reception with the guest speaker, appetizers, and drinks. The VIP portion of the evening will begin at 5:30 pm, and last until 6:30 pm. The event starts at 7 pm!


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