Agency Success Stories

A 45 year old migrant farm-worker called 2-1-1. She had been diagnosed with renal failure, was very sick, unable to work, and had become homeless. In addition, she was without insurance and money for dialysis. 2-1-1 was able to link her to a facility to provide dialysis. However, finding shelter was more difficult. The client mentioned that a farmer for who she had previously worked had several trailers on his property, and, though she was reluctant to ask, finally inquired. When 2-1-1 followed up with the client, they found that the farmer, after hearing her story, agreed that she could live in a trailer in exchange for doing odd jobs around the farm.
Alzheimer's Community Care
Marie came to the Ft. Pierce Day Center a year ago. She lives with her daughter and son-in-law. Her daughter was experiencing medical issues of her own and need a structured outlet for her mother five days a week. Marie enjoys socialization with other clients and has improved in many areas.
Initially the family paid for the Day Care services, but found it hard to continue when the daughter could not work due to illness. Alzheimer's Community Care found a funding source to cover Marie's care, which eased the family's financial stress. The daughter's health has improved and she has returned to work. Marie continues at Day Care where she receives beneficial cognitive stimulation and increased socialization. Also, the daughter and family's stress level has improved due to these services for her mother.
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Carol and Tatiyana have been matched since September 2012 and have formed an incredible bond. Several months into their match, Carol's husband was diagnosed with cancer received treatment in Philadelphia every two weeks. Even with this challenge the "Big" and her "Little" managed to meet every week. Recently, Tatiyana had to move from her Mother's home to live with her grandmother. The grandmother had very little furniture, but somehow, Carol was able to find a donation of good-quality bedroom furniture for Tatiyana. With the help of volunteers, BBBS and friends provided the "muscle" to move the furniture to Tatiyana's grandmothers house.


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Howard Tipton accepts a proclamation from Mayor Gregory Oravec Howard Tipton accepts a proclamation from Mayor Gregory Oravec