Eligible Schools

Schools Currently Eligible to Participate in Teacher Shopping
Full-time teachers, including classroom teachers, Art, Music, Theater, ESOL, and ESE teachers can shop twice in the Fall and twice in the Spring.
School City Designated Liaison
Allapattah Flats K8 Port St. Lucie Nicole Ancewicz
Creative Arts Academy of St. Lucie Fort Pierce Cathy McFarland
Dan McCarty Middle School Fort Pierce Sarah Flesche
Fort Pierce Westwood High School Fort Pierce Mayra Ayala
Forest Grove Middle School Fort Pierce Gregory Propis
F.K. Sweet Elementary Fort Pierce Gary Bushby
Lakewood Park Elementary Fort Pierce Debora Dawson
Lawnwood Elementary Fort Pierce Pam Fulwood
Mariposa Elementary Port St. Lucie Kelly Mattison
Northport K8 Port St. Lucie Diana Lankow
Parkway Elementary Port St. Lucie Jessica Chancey
Performance Based Preparatory Academy Fort Pierce Jessica Hayhurst
Samuel Gaines Academy of Emerging Technology Fort Pierce Vivian Sides
Savanna Ridge Elementary Port St. Lucie Ashlay Parker
St. Lucie Elementary Fort Pierce Fedna Eliassaint
Weatherbee Elementary Fort Pierce Cassandra Fess
White City Elementary Fort Pierce Susan Fiore
Windmill Point Elementary Port St. Lucie Brie Lamb
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